10 national parks in Vietnam recognized as ASEAN Heritage Parks, highest in the region


Between 2003 – 2019, ten national parks in Vietnam have been named as ASEAN Heritage Parks including. 1. Ba Bể, 2. Hoàng Liên, 3. Chư Mom Ray, 4. Kon Ka Kinh, 5. U Minh Thượng, 6. Bái Tử Long, 7. Bidoup Núi Bà, 8. Ngọc Linh (Natural Reserve), 9. Vũ Quang, 10. Lò Gò – Xa Mát. Vietnam has the highest number of ASEAN Heritage Parks. Currently, 50 parks haven been recognized across the region.

Source of picture: https://en.vietnamplus.vn/vietnams-national-parks-named-as-asean-heritage-parks/190903.vnp

The ASEAN Heritage Parks was launched in 2006 by the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity after its establishment (in 1984 as the ASEAN national heritage parks and nature reserves). The selected parks are protected areas in the ASEAN countries, that are recognized by the unique biodiversity and ecosystems, wilderness, and prominent values in scenic, cultural, educational, research, recreational and tourism. Through the ASEAN Heritage Parks, the association members want to conserve biodiversity and develop tourism.

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