2021 – 2025: Hà Nội will upgrade and construct more public and green spaces


Hà Nội has issued a program for 2021 – 2015 which plans to renovate 45 existing parks and flower gardens, build five new parks and flower gardens, and upgrade 180 streets and sidewalks in 12 districts.
In practice, Hà Nội lacks public and green spaces in the central area. According to statistics from the Livable Cities Project of Canada’s HealthBridge Foundation in Việt Nam, the capital city needs more flower gardens and playgrounds in residential areas. In the inner city, the land used for public and green spaces provides less than 2% of the total land fund. Hoàn Kiếm district is one example, where the average rate of public and green space is only 0.1 m2/person. This rate is even lower in the Old Quarter.
The city´s objective is to reach the average rate of public and green space of 3.02 m2/person for central districts by 2030.

Source & further information: “Capital city plans to build more public and green spaces” at https://vietnamnews.vn, accessed on 9th July 2021.