24.11.2021, 8:30: Conference on improving performance of economic tools for environmental protection


24.11.2021, 8:30 GMT+7 (whole day)

Location(s): online

Organizer: Vietnam Association of Environmental Economics (VIASEE)


The content of this online conference will be also updated on the website of the online magazine of environmental economics (Tạp chí Điện tử Kinh tế Môi trường).

The conference will introduce 10 environmental reports including:
1. Characteristics and categories of environmental economics tools
2. Environmental fees and taxes, theory and practice in Vietnam
3. Relationship between the state, market, and society in environmental protection activities
4. Summary on treatment costs of domestic solid waste
5. Advantages and challenges in the implementation of circular economy in Vietnam
6. Construction and development of geographical indication for arrowroot-based vermicelli in Bắc Kạn
7. State and opportunity to apply economic tools for water management in Vietnam
8. Environmental service sector in Vietnam – opportunity and challenges in the context of international integration
9. Proper use of red mud in mining and processing of alumni in Central Highlands
10. Performance of environmental protection fund and some concerns

Source & further information: “Hội thảo khoa học ‘Nâng cao hiệu quả công cụ kinh tế bảo vệ môi trường’” at https://kinhtemoitruong.vn, accessed on 23 November 2021.