August 26, 15:30, webinar: Closing the loop on food waste in Vietnam


15:30 (GMT+7), August 26, 2021.

Location(s): online

Organizer: WasteAid Vietnam


The webinar will discuss the following questions of food waste in Vietnam:

 – Why is the issue of food waste largely unnoticed in Vietnam? 

 – What can be done to prevent food waste? 

 – Is it time to bring in policies and regulations? 

 – And what exactly does it take to implement a successful composting project for your community?

Panel members:

 – Founder of Green Youth Collective in Hoi An, Ms. Hanh, will share her expertise on waste management, regenerative gardening, and building a city composting project.

 – Dr. Paul Olivier has spent the last 40 years improving waste management across the world, moving to Vietnam 15 years ago. His current work revolves around converting waste streams to benefit Vietnam’s poorest communities. 

 – Mr. Thi Nguyen is an energy and environmental sustainability expert. Throughout his career, Mr. Thi has been a strong advocate for sustainability in business and has strong views on food waste in Vietnam.


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