Bắc Ninh: $US 58 million project waste-to-energy plant kicked off


The signing and project kick-off was organized by T&J Green Energy Company Limited (T&J Co Ltd) on 16th December.

The project has total funding of 58 million US$, where: 18 million US$ is funded by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment; 30 million US$ is provided by International Finance Corporation as a loan amount; the remaining is the counterpart investment. The plant has a capacity of 500 tons of solid waste per day and an electricity generation efficiency of 11,6 MW, said Vũ Mạnh Tiến, general director of T&J Co Ltd.

The plant is expected to operate in the fourth quarter of 2023. Once completed, it will supply 100 kWh per year into the national grid. It is located on an area of five hectares in Ngũ Thái commune of Thuận Thành district. This plant is one of four high-tech waste-to-energy projects approved by the authority, according to the vice-chairman of Bắc Ninh’s People’s Committee.

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