Beauty firm L’Oréal cooperates with online shopping mall Lazada to trial green packaging in Vietnam


This trial belongs to the programs “L’Oreal for the Future” of the L’Oreal and “Lazada Logistics’ Fulfilment” of the Lazada group. The cooperation is declared as a beauty e-commerce sustainability partnership focusing on the reduction of plastic packaging waste. Customers who buy beauty products of L’Oreal via online LazMall will receive packages using green materials. Specifically, these packages use recycled shredded paper and Forest Stewardship Council certified cartons.

A product of L’Oréal and Lazada partnership: a Forest Stewardship Council-certified carton box filled with recycled shredded paper, made from returned parcels, to replace plastic fillers. Photo & source:

This pilot has been conducted in Vietnam since 21st June with 85,000 green parcels delivered to customers. As a region-wide trial program of three months, it is also implemented in Malaysia and Thailand and will be rolled out in the Philippines and Indonesia.

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