Bình Định: water supply plant of 20 billion VNĐ not operated for 3 years after construction


This domestic water supply plant is located in Chánh Lạc village, Cát Tường commune of Phù Cát district. The construction of the plant was completed and handed over in September 2019. However, since then the plant has not been put into operation because no contractor won the bid for operation, according to Nguyễn Kế Sinh, Chairman of Cát Tường Commune People’s Committee. Being abandoned for over three years, the plant has signs of degradation and is covered with grass and wildflowers. In the meantime, local residents suffer water shortages in the dry season and have to use bored-well water for domestic activities, which is heavily contaminated with alum.

The commune’s chairman mentioned that a company, Miền Trung Ltd. Company, has newly won the bid and it is expected that it will manage and operate the plant in this month.

The situation of inactive domestic water supply is not uncommon, especially in the rural area of Vietnam.

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