Cà Mau gets funding for protecting mangrove forest from Germany


The Germany BftW – Bread for the World supported the province of Cà Mau 800.000 Euros in the form of refundable ODA for protecting mangrove forest. Cà Mau also provided 140.000 Euros as the counterpart fund. The project will be implemented at the national park Mũi Cà Mau and the management board of Tam Giang protection forest from 2021 to 2023. It aims to promote biodiversity protection, carbon sequestration, climate resilience, and sustainable livelihood and social adaptation of the poor and vulnerable communities in the Mekong River Delta.

Source & further information: “800.000 euro cho dự án bảo vệ rừng ngập mặn” at http://tapchimoitruong.vn, accessed on 5 Apr 2021