Cần Thơ: houses sank into river due to landslide


The riverbank of Ô Môn River, located in Châu Văn Liêm ward, Ô Môn district, Cần Thơ city, suddenly collapsed yesterday (28th March), resulting in the submerging of four adjacent houses located near the bank. According to local people, the riverbank in this area has had signs of erosion for a long time. The river suffers from the dense traffic of boats, especially ships with large tonnage. This causes frequent waves that have damaged the riverbank’s structure and created clefts leading to landslides. The city of Cần Thơ has implemented several embankment projects to prevent erosion and landslide on Ô Môn river route.

Cần Thơ is among the localities in Mekong River Delta like An Giang, Đồng Tháp. and Vĩnh Long provinces, which face serious erosion of riverbank and coast. The reasons for erosion include changes in water flow, weak structure of banks, decline in sediment deposits in the Mekong river, construction of infrastructure along the bank, boat traffic, and over-exploitation of sand.

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