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Catch Mekong

Saltwater intrusion and morphological changes in the Mekong Delta: current status, influence of the upper reaches and future developments


Innovative process technologies for biogas production from rice straw

ViWat Mekong GO

Adapted technologies for a sustainable protection of water and land resources of the Southern part of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam


Management of mineral resource extraction in Hoa Binh province - a contribution to sustainable development in Vietnam


Resource-efficient processing technologies for rare earths in Vietnam

Rapid Planning

Sustainable infrastructure, environmental and resource management for highly dynamic metropolises

Water Miner

Spatial -temporal adjusted recirculation and reutilization of mining impacted waters, example from an urban affected mining area


Modular concept for sustainable desalination using capacitive deionization, the case of Vietnam


Transfer of waste water concepts for industrial zones in tropical emerging countries, on the example of Vietnam


Vietnamese-German Cooperation to Develop Sustainable Technologies for the Karst Water Management