CNA´s documentary film: Asia´s sinking cities – Ho Chi Minh City


In early 2021, the Singapore-based English-language news channel, CNA (Channel News Asia) released an attractive documentary film about the flooding and sinking situation of Hồ Chí Minh City (HCMC). In approx. 50 minutes of the film, the state of flooding and sinking is practically and scientifically described. Voices and insights of some citizens and experts in HCMC about the situation and possible solutions against flooding and sinking in the city are informatively expressed. 

The film is available here: Asia’s Sinking Cities: Ho Chi Minh City | Insight | Vietnam

Source & further information: “Under siege by climate, man-made problems, a sinking Ho Chi Minh City fights to survive” at, accessed on 23 August 2021.