Conference on three-year implementation of Resolution 120 on Mekong River Delta: preliminary outcomes


The online newspaper of the Government has just released a full report of the review conference, taken place in Cần Thơ on 13 March 2021, on the three-year implementation of Resolution No. 120/NQ-CP on climate-resilient and sustainable development of Mekong River Delta (MRD). The report reviews the major results and proposes recommendations to promote the sustainable development of the MRD.

Major achievements 

(1) Enabling institutions and policies to promote sustainable development in the MDR in a unified manner, with inter-regional connection to create synergy.
(2) Moving from passive to proactive adaptation by enhancing climate monitoring capacity, early weather forecasting, and timely warning of natural disasters; transforming production and businesses towards utilizing natural strengths
(3) Forming the development space, and infrastructure planning connecting within the region and with Ho Chi Minh City, the Southeast region
(4) Promoting public investment as seed capital to encourage the investment from private sector and the international community for sustainable development of the MRD
(5) Strengthening scientific research, technology development, international cooperation, awareness-raising communication, training, and career transition for resource mobilization and economic restructuring
(6) Overall assessment, limitations, causes, and challenges


Nature-based development is still the orientation for sustainable development policy in the MRD. The following are recommendations to promote the sustainable development of MRD in the period 2021-2025, with a vision for 2030.

(1) Institutional and policy mechanisms
(2) Prioritizing to allocate resources to implement investment projects in infrastructure, transportation, irrigation, prevention of riverbank and coastal erosion for production, stabilization of people’s lives in the MRD, especially multi-purpose, regional connectivity projects
(3) Strengthening basic investigation, monitoring, forecasting, and completing the database system
(4) Promoting large-scale transformation, speeding up rational restructuring
(5) Promoting science, technology, and international cooperation
(6) Human resource training and development

Source & further information: “Preliminary Outcomes Of Three-year Implementation Of Resolution On Climate-resilient development Of Mekong Delta” at, accessed on 15 Mar 2021