Covid restrictions continue in Hà Nội until September 6 and in HCMC until September 15


In the period of social distancing in Hà Nội, there have been on average 60 to 80 cases with the highest of over 100 cases. However, after nearly one month of strict social distancing, the community infection cases haven’t been fully isolated. In other words, the threat of community infection still exists. Therefore, Hà Nội extends the restriction for another two weeks, until 6th September. The present vaccination rate of Hà Nội is 39% of the population (from 18 years old) with the first dose, and 3.2% with the second dose. 


In Hồ Chí Minh City (HCMC), the situation is serious. Stringent social distancing and partial lockdown (from August 23) have been imposed until the middle of September. From today (August 23), the military coordinates with local authorities and other forces to supply food to the residents. For almost one month, on daily basis, the 13 million inhabitant city of HCMC has over 4000 new cases. The present vaccination rate of HCMC is 76% (from 18 years old) with the first dose, and 2.5% with the second dose. 


In Vietnam, so far 14% of the population (from 18 years old) have been vaccinated with one dose and nearly 2% fully vaccinated.


Updated information on infection cases and vaccination is available under: 


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