Đà Nẵng: increase water supply capacity to ensure water security


Đà Nẵng is increasing in investing new key water projects to secure water supply in high season in summer. A series of water plants, pump stations, and damps were rapidly constructed to expand the city water network. The city’s water supply capacity can provide 310,000 cubic meters of clean water each day, responding to 84% of the city’s total demand. In the future, it will increase from 400,000 cubic meters in 2022 to 800,000 cubic meters per day in 2030, according to the General Director of Đà Nẵng Water Supply company (Dawaco) – Hồ Hương.

Source & further information: “Central city works to ensure water security” at https://vietnamnews.vn, accessed on 5 July 2021.