Đắk Nông province: environmental pollution from uncontrolled dumpsite of domestic waste


The dumpsite is located in Đắk B’lao, Kiến Đức town, Đắk R’lấp district and has been operated for more than 20 years. The waste treatment technology is outdated and the site is always overloaded with an increase of 10 tons of waste every day. The dumpsite is often under serious pollution for years. The situation is potentially even worse because the dumpsite is located upstream of water sources, which is supplied for Kiến Đức town.

Source of photo: http://dakrlap.daknong.gov.vn

To tackle this issue, the district is investing in a new landfill in another commune. Once the landfill is put in operation, the domestic waste from the dumpsite in Đắk B’lao will be removed and treated in the new landfill. The dumpsite in Đắk B’lao will be renovated and turned into a flower garden, according to Phan Nhật Thanh, chairman of the People’s Committee of district Đắk R’lấp.

The situation of mismanagement from domestic waste treatment facilities or dumpsites, causing severely environmental pollution, is not rare in Vietnam.

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