Newest draft of National Power Development Plan VIII: not building new coal-fired power plants to significantly reduce CO2 emissions


More specifically, in the newest draft of National Power Development Plan VIII for the period from 2021 – to 2030 and vision to 2045, there will be no construction of new coal-fired power plants in the planning period. Accordingly, they will be gradually converted and replaced by cleaner energy sources such as biomass, hydrogen, and wind. Coal power will account for only 9.6% of the whole electricity system by 2045. By contrast, wind- and solar power will be increased up to 50.7%. This shift is to contribute to the commitments of Vietnam on energy conversion and climate goals and environmental protection.

Compared to the previous versions including Power Plan VII and draft Power Plan VIII submitted in March 2021, the latest draft of Plan VIII has improved and overcome some shortcomings. So far, the basic calculation options have been optimized. The total capacity of power sources expected to be developed by 2030 has a reduction of 35,000 MW compared to the draft Plan VIII submitted in March 2021. Besides, the investment scale (as planned) is decreased by nearly 2 million billion VNĐ, of which the investment in source capacity is reduced by about 35,000 MW, and the transmission system investment is reduced by approx.300 trillion VND. The power source is arranged harmoniously, ensuring each local and regional strength and minimizing transmission.

The latest draft of Plan VIII will be finalized and submitted to the Prime Minister this April for adoption.

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