Environmental audit on water management in Mekong River basin


The State Audit of Vietnam (SAV) has recently issued a decision on environmental audit on water management in the Mekong River basin in connection with the implementation of the UN SDG 6.5.
The major content of the audit is the state management and the fulfillment of Vietnam in response to the international commitments on the management, use, and protection of water resources of the Mekong River basin. The audit will be implemented for four ministries, agencies, and twelve cities, provinces. The audit duration is 58 days after announcing the decision.
The SAV recommended integrating the content of this audit into the framework of the strategic plan of the Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI) in the period 2020-2021.  This is a cooperative audit hosted by SAV and conducted in the form of a parallel audit by three Supreme Audition Institutions (SAI) including Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Source and further information: “Kiểm toán quản lý nguồn nước gắn với mục tiêu phát triển bền vững” at https://kinhtemoitruong.vn, accessed on 8 Mar 2021