Establishing consultations for Stockholm+50 towards just climate transition and carbon neutrality in Vietnam


The national consultation process in Vietnam is a preparation step to join the upcoming global Stockholm +50 conference in June this year. This conference is the 50th United Nations Conference on the Human Environment towards a global vision of a healthy and prosperous planet, recovery from COVID-19 pandemic, and implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Particularly, the conference will discuss the concepts associated with climate change and sustainable environmental-friendly solutions.

The process of consultations for Stockholm+50 in Vietnam was launched in a workshop organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE) with the support of the Swedish and Kenyan governments on 13th April. “The consultations in Việt Nam will examine national challenges and opportunities for stepping-up climate action and bringing the views of the Vietnamese people to the global stage on crucial challenges the people and the planet are facing”.

More specifically, the consultation process will address three questions: (1) roles of nature-based solutions in environmental protection, (2) actions to ensure a green and just energy transition, and (3) leveraged actions to promote a circular economy and handle unsustainable consumption patterns, mentions Resident Representative in Việt Nam, Caitlin Wiesen. Accordingly, by June this year, UNDP will collaborate with partners to carry out a series of consultations for Stockholm+50 in Vietnam.

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