Establishing National Steering Committee to implement climate change pledge at COP26


The Steering Committee was founded based on Decision 2157/QĐ-TTg of Prime Minister (PM) Phạm Minh Chính, released on 21st December. The PM is the head and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) is the standing body of the Steering Committee.

Function: The Steering Committee is an inter-sectoral organization, supporting PM in studying, directing, coordinating, and solving important work related to the commitments of Vietnam at the 26th UN Conference of Parties (COP26) in Glasgow.

Rights and duties of the Steering Committee:
– directing and helping PM to enhance coordination of activities in response to climate change among ministries, sectors, and localities; to strengthen the cooperation between Vietnam, international organizations, development partners, and other countries.
– directing the review and synchronization of relevant mechanisms, policies, laws, strategies, and planning; promoting administrative reform to create a favorable environment; proactive utilization of opportunities of financial and technological support; attraction of investment in infrastructure in response to climate change, and transformation of development model and energy.
– directing the implementation of programs, projects, priority tasks in response to climate change; energy transformation to fulfill the commitments of Vietnam at COP26.

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