EU Industry Week 2021: Vietnam and its ASEAN neighbors should promote green manufacturing technologies


International experts highlighted the essence of green manufacturing technologies in sustainable development and recommended Vietnam as well as ASEAN member states to adopt green production, according to the conference “Cooperating with Europe for Green Manufacturing Technologies” held in Bình Dương province on Tuesday, 23 March, in the framework of EU Industry Week 2021. Adopting green manufacturing helps Vietnam and its ASEAN neighbors make the best possible use of natural resources and simultaneously protect the environment and human health. Besides, new green manufacturing technologies are needed responses to the growing demand for environmentally sound, resource- and energy-efficient products.

The province of Bình Dương is expected to become the next destination for green technology transfer. The provincial DOST’s director, Nguyễn Việt Long, suggested the Government investing in improving infrastructure and offer incentives to encourage the cooperation model of university–industry–government.  He mentioned also that comprehensive transport infrastructure and quality human resources are the core to attract foreign investors with green manufacturing technologies, particularly from Europe.

Under the European Green Deal policy, the EU can support ASEAN member states with initiatives regarding climate resilience and adaptation, environmental protection including protecting biodiversity and disaster preparedness and response.

Source & further information: “Việt Nam, ASEAN urged to adopt green manufacturing technologies” at, accessed on 26 March 2021