Expert: private sector plays important role in green growth development in Vietnam


That is the comment of Dr. Hà Đăng Sơn, Director of the Center for Energy and Green Growth Research, a not-for-profit research and consulting organization and a non-governmental member of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA).
Dr. Sơn highlighted the achievement of the Vietnam National Strategy on Green Growth Development, which was issued in 2012, that in the period of 2012 – 2020, Vietnam mostly reviewed and improved the legal framework and policies and completed a detailed road map in 2014 for green growth development. More specifically, some mechanisms related to green growth are integrated into several laws, e.g., Law on Planning, Law on Public Investment, and the revised Law on Environmental Protection. Promoting green energy and providing incentives for solar and wind power development are some of the detailed examples of issued and applied policies.
However, he suggested that Vietnam should mobilize finance from the private sector for green growth development, especially when public investment is limited. In particular, long-term vision and policies are needed to attract private investors. He also recommended for the upcoming National Green Growth Strategy for 2021 – 2030 and vision to 2045 – 2050 that Vietnam needs to improve the legal framework, particularly a coordination mechanism between the central government and relevant parties.

Source & further informaton: “Private sector engagement key to Việt Nam’s green growth” at, accessed on 16 August 2021.