Experts: Difficulties in collection and recycling of plastic waste in Vietnam


That was the statement of experts in an online workshop “Current status and solutions to plastic waste treatment in Vietnam” held by Vietnam Urban Environment and Industry Zone Association and Môi trường và đô thị Việt Nam (Việt Nam Urban and Environment) magazine on 9th June 2021.

In Vietnam, the majority of plastic waste (app. 90%) is not recycled rather burned, buried, or discharged into the environment. Collection, transportation, and storage of plastic waste are challenging. The current policies lack a mechanism to promote the participation of the private sector in the domestic waste collection and treatment and to develop a market for using eco-friendly plastic bags. In the meantime, the environmental protection tax on non-biodegradation plastic bags is still low, therefore the use of those plastic bags is still popular. It is also suggested that the Government provides financial support and preferential policies to promote the construction of plastic waste recycling plants.

Source & further information: “VN faces challenges in plastic waste collection, recycling” at, accessed on 10th June 10, 2021.