Experts: possible risks of quakes and volcanic eruptions on Lý Sơn Islands


Recent investigations of the Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources (VIGMR) stated that the geological structure of Lý Sơn Islands of the central province of Quảng Ngãi is prone to quakes and volcanic eruptions. Researchers of VIGMR draw this conclusion based on the property of basalt and ancient rocks samples found on mountains and cliffs on the islands. Specifically, the craters are round and sharp, i.e., the volcanos are still very young and could become active in the future. Volcano prediction and early warning are presently not available in Vietnam. However, Lý Sơn Islands and the coastal areas of Quảng Ngãi are considered the volcanic center in Vietnam. 

Experts recommend that the construction of high-rise buildings on the islands should follow a deep terrain structure assessment for quake resistance structure plans. However, it requires only ground stability tests for small buildings. Conservationists and scientists worried that the terrain structure of the islands could be damaged by the booming construction, mass tourism, and proposal of airport construction. 

Lý Sơn Islands was formed millions of years ago by five volcanoes. It has been a notable tourist attraction since the islands connected to the national grid in 2014. The majority of 20,000 inhabitants here rely their living on garlic farming. 

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