Experts: transportation as leading cause of air pollution, development of electric vehicles as a solution in Vietnam 


The concentration of particulate matters (PM) in Hà Nội and Hồ Chí Minh City (HCMC) has been continuously increasing, resulting in alarming levels of air quality. Since 2008, Hà Nội and HCMC have been categorized in a group of 500 cities that have the highest average concentration of PM. Transportation is one of the major causes of this situation.

To minimize the pollution from traffic activities, experts recommend that Vietnam should promote the monitoring of emissions via registration systems and establish a mechanism to recollect old polluting motorbikes. Besides, Vietnam needs to develop subway and elevated train systems into the public transport network meeting the travel demand of people. Other solutions include promoting using electric vehicles, subsidizing prices for electric vehicles, developing a mechanism to support electric vehicle users and relevant infrastructure for electric vehicles like charging stations and space (land) allocation for charging stations, developing renewable energy sources to supply clean electricity for charging stations.

Source & further information: “Chuyên gia nhận diện thủ phạm gây ô nhiễm không khí, tăng tử vong sớm” at, accessed on 20 October 2021.