Final workshop of the VIWAT- project on 23.11.2022



Location(s): Natinal Central For Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI), 93 Ng. 95 P. Vũ Xuân Thiều, TT. Sài Đồng, Long Biên, Hà Nội

Organizer: NAWAPI


On November  23 rd, the project will hold its final workshop in Hanoi to report its results and their practical applications. In addition to project partners such as NAWAPI, VAWR, SIWRR from Vietnamese side and KIT, IEEM and Bochum University from German side, representatives from the ministries BMBF, MOST, from the relevant institutions of MONRE, MARD and beneficiary provinces will attend the workshop. Afterwards, a two-day field trip will be organized to visit the project site in Ca Mau.