Garbage Map – a tool “to turn waste into resources”.


At the webinar “Optimizing Solid Waste Utilization in Vietnam” organized by the Vietnam Center for Innovation in Energy Transformation (VIETSE) on July 19, Ms. Tran Hoang Anh, an energy expert from VIETSE, said that her center is now working in the research and development of solid waste maps at the urban and industrial levels. “The Solid Waste Map in Vietnam is expected to help identify the future potential of this sector in the energy transition towards reducing environmental pollution and protecting the climate. It will also support the decision-making process of investment in solid waste treatment projects, as well as develop effective waste management and treatment policies”, he added.

The map includes four main categories: solid waste management in medical, construction and industrial sectors; management of waste treatment facilities; and activities of collection and treatment of garbage and domestic solid waste..

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