Growing erosion incidents in An Giang


Twelve erosion incidents occurred in An Giang in the first half of 2021. The affected location is an 800-meter length along rivers and canals. Eight households had to relocate to safer areas. The erosion continued in July, e.g., on 21st July, e.g., in Bình Long commune, Châu Phú district, leading to 110-meter length and 8 to 10-meter inland eroded and damage of the nearby road and 14 houses.
According to the province’s Steering Committee for Climate Change Response, Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, and Search and Rescue, the reasons for the erosion are weak foundations of the embankment and road, heavy travel of boats and road vehicles, and impact of river flow and rainwater.
There are 52 erosion-prone areas in An Giang, informed the province´s Department of Natural Resources and Environment. About 20,000 families living in the potentially affected areas need to relocate to safer places.
The province is taking preventive measures and planning to solve the erosion problems along large rivers by 2025.

Source & further information: “Erosion incidents increase in An Giang, families move to safer areas” at, accessed on 26 July 2021.