Hà Nội: commencement of waste-to-energy plant Seraphin


The commencement was organized yesterday (30th March) by AMACCAO Group, which is the investor of the waste-to-energy plant Seraphin. This is the second-largest waste-to-energy plant in Hà Nội and the first project invested by a Vietnamese investor. The plant has a capacity of 1,500 tons (dry mass) of waste per day. The total funding of the plant is 3,500 billion VNĐ with 100% socialization investment capital. The plant employs modern technologies (with modifications to suit the condition of unsorted waste with high moisture content) from Europe to incinerate waste and produce electricity. Air emissions are treated to meet European requirements in EU 2010/75/EC. Wastewater is treated to meet Vietnamese technical regulation 2014/BTNMT, category A (i.e., QCTĐHN 02:2014/BTNMT), recirculated, and utilized.

This plant is expected to be put into operation after 20 months of construction, i.e., by end of 2023.

Source & further information: “Hà Nội: Khởi công xây dựng nhà máy điện rác Seraphin” at https://baotainguyenmoitruong.vn, accessed on 31 March 2022.