Hà Nội: Covid-19 restrictions loosened, no travel permits required, several non-essential services reopened


After two-month application of strict social distancing, Hà Nội has loosened the Covid-19 restrictions from 6 am today. According to the city’s Directive 22, Hà Nội applies now the corona restrictions regulated in Directive 15 of Prime Minister, instead of Directive 16.

Since early morning today, many streets in Hà Nội have been crowded and busy again.

Busy traffic at Ngã Tư Sở intersection at 7:30 today (21 September). Photo: Tuấn Đức – TTXVN. Source: https://vtv.vn 

More specifically, no travel permits within the city are required. Additionally, the three Covid-19 infection zones are not any more applied, however, lockdown is still disposed at a narrowed level for infection areas or clusters. The city also allows several non-essential services to reopen including in-door hairdressing salons, traditional markets; shopping centers; stores for stationery, textbooks, and other learning equipment, and stores for mechanics, electronics, and home appliances. Restaurants and bistros can use delivery services and must close before 21:00. Bars and karaoke are banned.

Institutions, agencies, and enterprises in Hà Nội still have to follow regulated protection measures against Covid-19 infection and operate under local authorities’ supervision. Meetings and events must be limited to a maximum of 20 people in a room. If the number of participants is higher than 20, it requires obtaining permission from authorities at levels of central-run agencies, districts, and communes. In public areas, people must wear masks and keep a two-meter distance. The gathering is allowed for a group of fewer than 10 people outside of hospitals, workplaces, and schools. Entertainment activities in public areas are still not permitted.

Public transport services including buses, taxis, contract vehicles, and coaches are not allowed. Domestic commercial flights and railway services to Hà Nội are suspended. The city remains 23 Covid-19 checkpoints at the city’s gateways and additional 33 checkpoints at the entrances to other localities, especially at the high-risk areas.

Further information is available in the city’s Directive 22.

Since the fourth Covid-19 wave at the end of April, Hà Nội has had 3,922 infection cases. On the daily basis, the infection cases have been decreased from an average of 71.2 cases at the first period of social distancing (starting on 24th July) to 15 cases at the present. Over 90% of the population from 18 years old or more than 5.6 million people in the city have been vaccinated with the first dose. Approximately 12% are fully vaccinated. For Hồ Chí Minh City (HCMC), the rates of vaccination are 97% with the first dose and approx. 30% with the second dose. HCMC still has a daily average of more than 5,000 new infection cases. The city still applies strict social distancing until the end of September, however, restrictions have been relaxed for some activities and the city’s areas. For the whole country, the total infection cases from the fourth community infection wave are nearly 700,000 in 38 cities and provinces. The current rate of vaccination is approx. 30% with the first dose and 7% with the second dose.

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