Hà Nội DoC: access to clean water is 100% for urban and 80% for rural area


According to the Department of Construction (DoC) of Hà Nội, in the urban area of the city, the total capacity of clean water supply is 1,520,000 m3/day. Basically, this capacity responses sufficiently to the water demand of 100% of households in the urban area.

For the rural area, by September 2021, the clean water supply system is able to provide water for 3,6 million people from 900,135 households or 80% rural population. About 162 communes, or 1,35 million inhabitants, among 414 communes, do not have central waterworks. The city has assigned investors to construct central water supply works for 133 communes. The DoC also called for new water supply projects for the rural area in Hà Nội.

The rate of clean water supply in the rural area is 51% of the rural population in Vietnam or approx. 33 million people. Compared to the national rate, Hà Nội has a significantly higher share of clean water access in the rural area.

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