Hà Nội: improving environment of ponds and lakes


Hà Nội has been home to many ponds and lakes. However, rapid urbanization has resulted in a decrease in the number of lakes and ponds due to the clearance for construction projects and housing. This is also one of the reasons for the serious flooding in some city areas. In addition, the environment of lakes and ponds has been in a critical state as a consequence of the discharge of solid waste and untreated wastewater from the surrounding.

There are 125 lakes in inner districts and around 1000 lakes in the countryside of the city, according to the Department of Construction of Hà Nội.  However, the Centre for Environmental and Community Research, a local NGO, reported that until 2015 there were 112 ponds and lakes in the inner districts of Hà Nội.

In 2017, the city has issued a resolution to improve public awareness of environmental protection and promote environmental activities. Specifically, practical measures have been conducted to restore and protect the environment of lakes and ponds in the city.

Examples of some successful restoration include Lâm Du lake in Bồ Đề ward of Long Biên district, pond of Thiên village in Dương Liễu commune of Hoài Đức district, and Bác Hồ fish pond of Kim Chung commune of Đông Anh district. The restored lakes and ponds have become now entertainment and refreshing points for the residents.

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