Hà Nội: not allowed to construct new underground waterworks


This decision aims to protect underground water sources and limit works exploiting underground water. The city’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) reviews and will not issue permits for the construction of new underground waterworks. The city has also released official document No. 4018/UBND-ĐT to implement the roadmap that stops using underground water exploitation wells. It will stop exploiting drilled wells in the area where central water supply plants are available. The city only maintains and reduces the scale of underground exploitation from the existing waterworks in conform with the adjustment of water supply planning for Hà Nội by 2030, vision 2050.

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Source & further information: “Không cấp phép đầu tư xây dựng nhà máy khai thác nước ngầm mới tại Hà Nội” at https://moitruong.net.vn, accessed 22 November 2021.