HCMC: secure water supply network and gradually remove groundwater extraction


Hồ Chí Minh City (HCMC) has adjusted its Water Supply Plan to 2040, with a vision to 2060 aiming to adapt to climate change and ensuring 100% of inhabitant access to clean water. More specifically, the city’s objectives are for example: (1) reduction of water losses, e.g., tap water leakage under 18.93% by 2040, (2) improvement of supply and distribution network, (3) development of smart water supply system, (4) pilot of a free drinking-water system at public places such as schools, parks, and hospitals, (5) safe and sustainable exploitation of water sources including consideration of rainwater and brackish water as alternative sources, (6) step-by-step removal of groundwater extraction, e.g., in 2021, reduction of groundwater extraction by 16.650 m3/day, etc.,

Water companies in HCMC including Sài Gòn Water Supply Corporation (Sawaco), Thủ Đức Water B.O.O Corporation, Tân Hiệp Water, and Sài Gòn Clean Water Business and Investment Joint Stock Company (SWIC) have joined the projects.

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