Highlights on the newly approved master plan on basic investigation on water resources until 2030


According to the new decision 432/QĐ- TTg, issued on 24 March 2021, on master plan on basic investigation on water resources untill 2030 with a vision to 2050, Vietnam will develop and maintain systems for national water resources monitoring for forecasting flooding, drought, saltwater intrusion, and rising seawater level by 2030.

The plan also aims to operate a system to monitor and coordinate the operation of reservoirs in 11 river basins. Furthermore, the exploitation and use of water and discharge of wastewater into water resources will be monitored.

Additionally, the investigation and assessment of underground water resources; review on its quality and availability as well as forecasting the climate change impacts on water resources will be accomplished.

Besides technical aspects, the plan proposes mechanisms to manage and allocate capital for the investigation, relevant research, and application of technical tools and promotes the public-private partnership model to provide public services on water resources.

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