Integrated Sê San River Basin Plan 2021-2030, vision 2050 approved


The plan was approved by Decision 2204/QĐ-TTg on 27th December. It aims to secure, properly regulate and allocate water resources, economically and effectively exploit and use, protect and sustainably develop water resources in the Sê San River basin for domestic activities, socioeconomic development, national defense & security, and environmental protection. Furthermore, it targets to protect water resources; prevent degradation, depletion, and pollution of water resources and water-related damage; meet requirements of integrated water resources management for river basins and climate change adaptation.

The plan defines the function of inter-provincial and international water sources in the Sê San River basin including the following rivers: Sê San, Đắk Bla, Sa Thầy, Đăk Pơ Ne, Kon Keng, Đăk Po Kei, Ia Krom, Đắk Cấm, Đăk Pru, Đăk Rơ Long, Đăk Ne, Đăk Psi, Đăk Ta Kan, Ia Nhinh, Ia Krel, Đăk Rơ Mao, and Ia Tri. Accordingly, these water sources are used for domestic water supply, industrial activities, agricultural production, tourism, business services, hydroelectricity, and waterway transport. Underground water sources are used for water supply, industrial production, industrial crop irrigation, and business and service purposes. It also strives to maintain the ratio of forest coverage as a water generation source for the river basin; manage drainage space, ensure flow on rivers and streams; manage wastewater discharge and treatment to ensure the function of water source; manage lakes and ponds which have the function of water regulation and high biodiversity values.

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