Kiên Giang: over 880 billion VNĐ invested in inter-district water supply system for U Minh Thượng


The Mekong province of Kiên Giang will invest in a inter-district system of raw water supply for four districts of An Biên, An Minh, U Minh Thượng, and Vĩnh Thuận. The project will be implemented from 2022 to 2025. Components of the project include the raw water supply station, pipeline for transporting water with a capacity of 30.000 m3/day, reservoir, and 2 pumping stations, etc. The total length of the pipeline is 97 km including the main pipeline of 22 km and secondary pipelines of 75 km connecting to 9 existing water supply stations. The raw water reservoir has an area of 30 hectares with a capacity of 900,000 m3. Two pumping stations have capacities of 1.000 m³/hour and 500 m³/hour, respectively.

This inter-district water supply system is expected to provide raw water for the existing water supply stations and gradually replace the use of groundwater and partly supplement clean water for residential areas, industrial clusters in the U Minh Thượng region. In the meantime, it supplies qualified water sources (free of contaminants, salt, alum) and subsequently increases the rate of households using clean water under the new rural style program. Additionally, this project also tackles water scarcity issues in the dry season in the region.

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