Largest landfill in Hà Nội temporarily stops receiving waste from today


According to Hà Nội’s Department of Construct and Hà Nội Urban Environment Limited Company (Urenco), the water level at leachate storage ponds in Nam Sơn landfill has accessed the safety level and potentially causes environmental incident risks. To prevent environmental risks and fix these issues, this landfill temporarily stops receiving waste for at least three days, from today, 2nd November. More than 4,600 tons of waste will be diverted to Xuân Sơn landfill, Thiên Ý waste incinerator, Thành Công waste incinerator, and stored at several districts.

Nam Sơn landfill was constructed in 1999 with an area of 157 hectares in Sóc Sơn district of Hà Nội. Every day, it receives 5,000 tons of domestic waste from 17 districts of the city. This landfill is already in a state of overloading.

According to Hà Nội’s solid waste master plan for 2030, vision 2050, the city will have 17 solid waste treatment facilities. However, presently only two waste treatment complexes of Nam Sơn and Xuân Sơn are under operation.

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