Marine biodiversity conservation: efforts to recover coral reef ecosystems in Hạ Long Bay


There are 147 species of coral in Hạ Long Bay. However, the coral reef coverage has been declined due to wastewater pollution and the rapid development of  Drupella snails that eat coral tussues. A wide range of efforts has been done by the Hạ Long Bay Management Board and Quảng Ninh province to revive and project the coral reef.

Examples of these are: a database of coral reef ecosystems serving for conservation, capacity building focusing on management and protection of coral reef ecosystems, regular monitoring and supervision of coral reef conservation, strict handling of violations in fishing and protection of aquatic resources, activities to protect water environment of Hạ Long Bay, ban on fishing in the heritage area since 2019, awareness-raising, etc.

These efforts have resulted in some fruitful results, for example, the number of coral reefs with coverage of more than 60% and branched corals have been increased, says Phạm Đình Huỳnh, Deputy Head of Hạ Long Bay Management Board.

These activities are in line with the development orientation towards eco-tourism of Quảng Ninh province.

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