Measures of water resources protection in Hà Nội


Sustainable use of water resources
– Increase coverage and capacity of clean water supply and call for investment
Hà Nội is implementing the water resources planning by 2030, vision 2050, with the following focal points: (1) Proper exploitation of water – with priority over surface water and gradual reduction of groundwater, (2) Develop a water supply network system to ensure water connection and water supply security, (3) construction of centralized surface waterworks that supply water across regions and increase the water supply capacities to about 2,533,000 m3/day by 2025; 3,075,000 m3/day by 2030; and 3,995,000 m3/day by 2050.
Presently, 100% of the urban population in Hà Nội is supplied with clean water. For the rural area, it is only 80%. The city sets the goal that 100% of the rural population will have access to clean water by 2025. Therefore, it calls for investment in implementing rural clean water supply projects in the form of socialization. By the end of June 2021, Hà Nội has approved 40 projects from 23 investors including 11 projects on water source development and 29 water supply network development. When these projects are complete, the water supply capacity will meet 95% of the requirement of the target by 2025.
– Hà Nội is finalizing and about to apply one standard for clean water supply, in which water will be safe to drink from the tap. Water leakage will also be reduced to less than 15%.
– The city is developing a coordination procedure across sectors in clean water monitoring and emergency prevention and response to ensure water security.

Controlling of wastewater
– Collection and treatment of wastewater from domestic activities, industries, and healthcare facilities.
– Treatment of polluted ponds, lakes, and polluting establishments.
Currently, all industrial zones in Hà Nội equip centralized wastewater treatment facilities. However, only 30/70 industrial clusters have centralized wastewater treatment facilities by June 2021. For healthcare wastewater, all hospitals in the city have wastewater treatment systems. However, some systems are degraded and in need of improvement.
In the meantime, Hà Nội is determined to relocate seriously polluting establishments out city’s inner area.

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