Mekong Delta: overuse of fertilizers and pesticides


According to the Head of the Plant Protection Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Hoàng Trung, the average use of fertilizers and pesticides in the Mekong Delta is higher than the national average, despite it has already reduced over time. Specifically, the Mekong Delta uses 1.1 tons of fertilizer per hectare, which is 42% higher than the national average, especially critical in provinces of Bến Tre, Tiền Giang, An Giang, and Vĩnh Long. For pesticides, the region uses 6.27 kg of pesticides per hectare, which is 39.5% higher than the national average. The provinces of Tiền Giang, Đồng Tháp, and Hậu Giang use pesticides the most. 

Overuse of fertilizers and pesticides is proven to be ineffective. It is thus a waste of resources and makes pests more resistant, not mention to the negative environmental impact. It is recommended to shift to organic pesticides and utilize plant residues and livestock waste to produce organic fertilizers. Furthermore, the Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Mekong Delta’s provinces encourage farmers to apply advanced technologies for the production of clean and quality agricultural products.

Source & further information: “The use of pesticide in Mekong Delta remains high” at, accessed on 31 August 2021.