Mekong Delta: regional water supply project for provinces Long An, Tiền Giang, Bến Tre


According to the information announced on 28th May by the People’s Committee of Tiền Giang province, the project of the regional water supply station entitled “Water plan of Tiền river 1” has total funding of 2,000 billion VNĐ (US$ 86.35 million). Accordingly, the pumping station in Cái Bể district of Tiền Giang province will draw water from Tiền river and distribute water to provinces Long An and Bến Tre via pipelines. For the first phase from 2021 – 2025, it plans to supply 300,000 m3/day. For the second phase after 2025, the supply capacity will be increased up to 500,000 m3/day. The price of raw water from the pumping station is planned to be from 3,000 VNĐ/m3 and a 5% annual increase. The drinking water price will be increased to 11,850 VNĐ/m3 for Bến Tre (an increase of 2,250 VNĐ/m3); 9,790 VNĐ/m3 for Long An, and 10,200 VNĐ/m3 for Tiền Giang (an increase of 1,500 VNĐ/m3 for each province).

This project is invested by the domestic DNP Water JST company, which belongs to DNP cooperation. The Government already approved the partial adjustment of the water supply master plan for Mekong Delta by 2030 with the vision to 2050. The project of the water plan of Tiền river 1 and the interprovincial pipe system into the adjustment of this master plan.

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