Mekong Delta is advised to abandon the practice of three rice crops


At a conference held by Green Mekong, Andrew Wyatt, Mekong Delta program manager, from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), referred that Mekong Delta is forecasted to be among the worst impacted by climate change and rising sea levels. He recommended that the region should develop flood-based agriculture models and ditching intensive shrimp farming for integrated farming.
Farmers are also advised to reject the practice of three rice crops per year since constructing dykes to store water in the field would prevent the alluvium from entering the field. Several sustainable models were suggested including shifting from low-yielding paddy fields to cattle grass and wind power farm, replacing the third rice crop with lotus, and know-how to grow bananas in tandem with growing vegetables and breeding fish.

Source & further information: “Mekong Delta should forsake unsustainable third rice crop” at, accessed on 26 Nov 2018.