Microplastic air pollution in Đà Nẵng


A group of biologists and other scientists from Đà Nẵng University have conducted an independent survey and research on microplastic air pollution in central Vietnam. The results obtained in the four-month survey in six districts of Đà Nẵng City show significantly higher microplastic pollution in Đà Nẵng than in some other cities in the world, such as Paris and London.

The head of the research team, Dr Trịnh Đăng Mậu, warned that the microplastic pollution in the air in Đà Nẵng was alarming and action was needed to prevent the situation from getting worse in the near future.

Although the fibres detected in Đà Nẵng were predominantly coarse dust (40% with 300-600 µm) and thus significantly larger than the particulate matter moving deep into the lung (PM2.5 < 2.5 µm), these may partly reach the respiratory tract. In addition, the fibres that are frequently originating from the textile industry could contain carcinogenic dyes.

The research team has identified the main causes of exposure and proposed various countermeasures.

The research group also deals with microplastic pollution in aquatic systems in Vietnam (-> see Link, Strady et al.).

Source and further information:

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