MoC: new circular on technical infrastructures collecting and draining wastewater from urban and residential areas


The new Circular 15/2021/TT-BXD of the Ministry of Construction (MoC) was released on 15th December and comes into force from today – 10th February. It requires that entities involved in the construction, management, and operation of technical infrastructure works for urban and residential wastewater collection and drainage of urban and concentrated residential resettlement must strictly comply with the principles of management, construction of wastewater collection and drainage works, and system connection.

New urban areas and residential areas must have wastewater collection and treatment systems which are separate from rainwater drainage systems.

One of the requirements for connection of water drainage system is that treated wastewater of manufacturing, business, service facilities in urban and residential areas must meet environmental technical regulations or environmental protection requirements depending on types of wastewater before being connected to wastewater connection and drainage structure.

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