MoH: Guidance on management of COVID-19 related domestic waste for infection cases at home


The guidance was issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH) on 27th February. Accordingly, the instruction is for the handling of solid waste generated by Coronavirus infection cases, who have no/slight symptoms and are treated at home.

Guidance on sorting domestic waste:
Waste produced from the room of people infected with Covid including discarded linen and clothes and masks and protective clothes of caregivers is considered infectious waste. This waste must be put in a bag or closed waste bin lined with a bag. A label entitled “THIS WASTE MAY CONTAIN SARS-CoV-2” must be put on the outside of the bag or waste bin. For domestic waste generated from other areas of the house, it should be classified following guidelines of localities. 

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) is the primarily responsible institution to coordinate, direct, and instruct relevant units and localities to implement solutions that promote the transportation and treatment of COVID-19 related waste in a safe manner. MONRE also coordinates with provincial People’s Committees in inspecting these activities and strictly handling violations.

Provincial People’s Committees instruct relevant local units and agencies in terms of (1) developing a plan for collection, transportation, and treatment of waste generated from infection cases being managed at home; (2) providing guidance on sorting COVID-19 related domestic waste; and (3) organizing and regularly inspecting the collection, transportation, and treatment of COVID-19 related domestic waste.

Source & further information: “Số: 922/BYT-MT V/v tăng cường quản lý chất thải đối với các trường hợp mắc COVID-19 quản lý tại nhà” at, accessed on 28 February 2022.