MoH: reducing centralized quarantine to 7 days for fully vaccinated arrivals


After the pilot implementation of the seven-day central quarantine starting on 1st July 2021 in Quảng Ninh province, the Ministry of Health (MoH) announced today the new instruction relating to the centralized quarantine duration (document 6288/BYT-MT). Accordingly, the central quarantine is reduced to 7 days, instead of 21 days previously, for the following arrivals: fully vaccinated passengers to Vietnam or those who have been infected by Covid-19 and recovered. In both cases, they have to provide negative Covid-19 RT-PCR tests. After that, arrivals have to follow another 7 days of medical observation at chosen locations, e.g., residences, hotels, accommodation, using contact tracing app of Bluezone and obeying 5K rules (face masks, disinfection, distancing, no gatherings, and health declarations).

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