MONRE: biodiversity is still declining


According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), after 8 years of implementing the “National Biodiversity Strategy to 2020, Vision to 2030”, Vietnam has achieved several results:
– establishment of 3 biodiversity corridors
– network of protected areas
– discovery of many specious natural species.

However, biodiversity is practically declining at 3 levels of ecosystems, species, and genes. Limitations include:
– some objectives in the strategy have not been achieved, e.g., expected ratios of land protected areas and marine protected areas.
– the number of endangered species increase.
– many biodiversity corridors have been established.
– management of protected areas doesn’t meet the requirement.
– illegal logging and wildlife trade still occur.

Reasons for biodiversity decline are:
– increase in natural resources use and growing population
– climate change impacts

To combat the situation of biodiversity losses and to be in line with international agreements, MONRE is preparing a draft document on “National Biodiversity Strategy to 2030, Vision to 2050”. The new strategy aims to conserve, restore, and develop biodiversity; sustainably use ecosystems.

Source & further information: “8 năm thực hiện Chiến lược 2020: Đa dạng sinh học vẫn giảm ở 3 cấp độ” at, accessed on 19 August 2021.