MONRE: implementing project on strengthening plastic waste management in Vietnam


Three priority contents will be implemented: (1) development of legal documents; (2) training, communication, and international cooperation; and (3) research and application of innovative technologies, according to the Decision 2436/QĐ-BTNMT issued on 13th December.

1) Developing legal documents is the most important task

– Vietnam Environment Administration: research and propose a roadmap to limit the production and import of single-use plastic products, hardly biodegradable plastic packaging and products and goods, microplastic containing products in the Decree detailing some articles of the revised Law on Environmental Protection 2020 (LEP 2020); review and assess the list of imported recyclable plastics and technical regulation QCVN 32:2018/BTNMT, legal regulations on eco-labels for environmentally friendly plastic bags and environmentally friendly products in the Decree detailing some articles of the LEP 2020.

– Department of Legal Affairs: study and propose regulations on recycling responsibilities of manufacturers and importers of plastic products and plastic packaging in the Decree detailing some articles of the LEP 2020; survey, evaluate and propose solutions to promote circular economy models, public-private partnerships, business models with the participation of associations, organizations and businesses to minimize generation, promoting reuse, recycling and treatment, energy recovery of plastic waste.

– Institute of Strategy and Policy for Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE): research and propose policies on circular economy, sharing economy models in import, production, and use of single-use plastic and non-degradable plastic bags; collect, transport, reuse and recycle plastic waste in Vietnam.

2) International cooperation

– Department of International Cooperation: focal point to coordinate and preside over the promotion of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in plastic waste management, negotiate and conduct participation procedures, international treaties and agreements related to waste management and ocean plastic waste.

– Vietnam Environment Administration: implements international conventions and treaties and implements international cooperation projects on quality management plastic waste, sustainable production and consumption; National Plastic Action Partnership Program in Vietnam with the World Economic Forum; organize international seminars and trainings on waste and plastic waste management.

3) Research and application of innovative technologies

– Vietnam Environment Administration: investigate, survey and evaluate the current status of production of plastic products; situation of generation, classification, collection, recycling and treatment of plastic waste; building a plastic waste management information system; propose solutions to improve mechanisms, policies and regulations on plastic waste management; conducting inspection and handling of violations in the field of waste management in general and plastic waste in particular.
From 2022 to 2025: study environmental regulations for recycled products, goods containing microplastics and plastic bags, hardly biodegradable plastic packaging; implement the roadmap and guide the classification of domestic solid waste and plastic waste at source; apply criteria/regulations on the reduction, classification and collection of plastic waste in the assessment and ranking of environmental protection performance results of the provinces and centrally-run cities.

– Vietnam Administration of Sea and Islands: monitor and evaluate the current status of plastic waste in several main estuaries, coastal areas, and outpost islands with potential for developing tourism and marine economy; survey and assess the current status of ocean plastic waste in Vietnam; develop a database system on ocean plastic waste; propose to build a network to observe, monitor and control ocean plastic waste.

– Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE): study and evaluate production, import and use of products and goods containing microplastics and proposes management solutions for Vietnam; implement a pilot project to build a circular economy in the plastic sector; guide the application of modern technology in the production of plastic products; guide to optimize production activities to save raw materials, fuel and prolong the life cycle of plastic products; support the construction and development of the plastic waste recycling market; propose solutions to reuse and recycle plastic waste.

– Department of Science and Technology: implement programs and projects for scientific research, application and transfer of advanced and modern technologies in recycling, plastic waste treatment, and production of eco-friendly products to replace non-biodegradable plastic bags, single-use plastic products, and products and goods containing microplastics.

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