MONRE: plan for implementation of extended producer responsibility soon released


Besides the implementation plan, an advisory working group to promote the implementation of the regulation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will be set up.

The regulation on EPR is stipulated in the revised Law on Environmental Protection 2020 and specified in the newly issued Decree 08/2022/NĐ-CP. Accordingly, the voluntary model of EPR has been shifted to the obligatory model with specific regulations on recycling rates and recycling procedures for each product. Additionally, there are regulations on subjects and levels of contribution for specific products and packages containing hazardous materials that are difficult to collect and recycle. Those groups of products must pay money to the Environmental Protection Fund to support the treatment of waste, regulations on the national EPR council and EPR support office.

The implementation plan and advisory working group will clarify the structure, tasks, and operational regulations on the EPR council and EPR office. Furthermore, a roadmap for the development and completion of relevant legal documents and communication plan for EPR.

The advisory working group is responsible for advising the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) on policies and solutions to support organizations and individuals to implement the extended responsibilities of their products and packaging. The group is entitled to collaborate, mobilize resources from domestic and international organizations and individuals in a legal manner. Particularly, in 2022, the advisory working group, in coordination with the Department of Legal Affairs under the MONRE, will develop a Circular on EPR for manufacturers and importers, establish the national EPR council and its working regulations, a national online portal for EPR, etc.

From 2022 to 2025, the following tasks will be done: decision on levels of recycling costs; decisions on the disposal of transport vehicles, operation of EPR council and EPR online portal, implementation of EPR communication activities, and publication of a national report on EPR.

The advisory working group has a team leader and members. More specifically, Phan Tuấn Hùng, head of the Department of Legal Affairs, will be the team leader. Members of the group include representatives of Vietnam Environment Administration, General Department of Seas and Islands of Vietnam, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnam Packaging Recycling Alliance, Vietnam International Fund for Nature Protection, Vietnam Plastics Association, etc.

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