MONRE: proposing to develop nationwide water resources maps at scale of 1:100,000


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) is completing a proposal entitled “Investigating, assessing, developing water resources maps at scale of 1:100,000 for Vietnam`s territory”. It aims to create water resources maps at the scale of 1:100,000 and a system to store and manage information and data on water resources on the basis of digitalization. This will serve for socioeconomic development and national defense and security. This information is delivered from an online meeting of MONRE to approve this proposal on 4th November 2011.

The National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI) will be responsible for implementing this project once approved.

Sources & further information: “Thiết lập bộ bản đồ tài nguyên nước toàn diện trên lãnh thổ Việt Nam” at, accessed on 9th November 2021.